The Rider Level program offered at Maplewood has a 10 year history of successfully preparing equestrians for their exams.  The Rider Levels are a standardized national program designed by Equestrian Canada that tests equestrians in three main areas:  riding, theory, and stable management.  Maplewood has designed two streams in order to prepare for the Rider Level exams:  a Rider Level Add-On to the lesson program, and a one-week full-day preparation program.

Rider Level Add-On


The Add-On program for lessons will include 6 half-day sessions on Sundays throughout the fall and winter.  This will also include the day of exams that will be scheduled on a Sunday in April 2020.  The dates of the sessions and the exams are to be determined.

Rider Level Camp


The Rider Level Camp takes place each summer for one week.  This is usually around the end of July or beginning of August.  This is a full-day program for a week with four days preparing for the exams and one day dedicated to the written, riding, and stable management portions.