Barn Rules


1.  If something breaks, let us know!

2.  Helmets are to be worn when riding.

3.  No running at the barn!

4.  Clean up after yourself – try to leave the barn a little bit better than when you found it.

5.  Clean up after your horse.  Manure needs to be picked up from the barn, the arenas (other than the grass ring), and walkways.

6.  As a boarder, if you are going to be in the barn after 10 pm, send us a quick text before 10 pm to let us know.

7.  Turn all lights off when leaving.

8.  The school has priority for riding, but can only use one riding area at one time.

9.  Only students are allowed in the Green Barn during lessons.


10.  Please drive at a walking pace down the driveway and in the parking areas.  There are adults, children, barn cats, farm dogs, and people riding – driving faster than 10 km/h at the farm can cause accidents.  Along with this, please do not drive or park on the lawns and grassy areas.  There are ditches hidden in the grass and drainage systems that can be damaged (along with your vehicles!).